Dental Marketing

Putting Your Website in Front of the Right Potential Patients

Dental SEO as a process does not greatly differ from any other SEO service. At the must basic concept it is a creative technical process used to show Google how worthy your website to be placed in the number one position. The technical knowledge along with business sector understanding of your SEO provider is what will make the difference. The creativity implemented from your SEO service provider will be vital in providing you success online. This is where Dental SEO LTD excel. Our Dental Marketing Package makes all others inferior. Dental SEO LTD know from years of experience and working along side cosmetic dentists what new potential high value patients would use to search Google and how to interact with them across many mediums. It is this knowledge and our tried and tested web ranking service that makes our SEO service far from just an SEO service.

Dental SEO

The creative art is divided into two distinct areas; on site and off site optimisation.

Step One: On site optimisation;This is everything that is done on your website. The actual code is modified ensuring that the correct site structure is in place and there is the correct use of markup. Its like visiting the dentist, its good site hygiene.

Step Two: off site optimisation; This is everything that happens off your website. There is a plethora of different resources and tasks that can be carried out most of which are not equal. It is knowing what works and what does not from an SEO and Dental standpoint that gives our service president over any other.

Are your competition ranking higher in Google then you? Spent many hours and money on your practice website and it is still not toping the results page? There are over 200 factors that Google uses when deciding which website to put at the top. With our FREE WEBSITE REPORT get a deeper insight into what is going on with not only your website but the competitions too. Feel like it is time for your to have your website at the top in Google then give us a call on or sign up here.

A Dental Marketing Expert

Bringing High Value Patients, to You!

Dental Marketing

In todays society we move fast, we have access to a whole host of information at out finger tips. This is thanks to the internet, mainly Google. Google is the first stop for the majority of us when looking for a new product or service. So with that in mind it goes without saying that Google will be the first stop when a patient is looking for a cosmetic dental treatment.

Its more then likely that you are aware that the process used to get your website on the top of Google is called SEO or online marketing. SEO is a process of creative tasks online that increase the position of your website in Google. Dental SEO has a unique process that has been custom built from the ground up with cosmetic dentists in mind. We have had a practising cosmetic dentist work as clinical lead with us ensuring that our services works for you.

If you would like to drive more high value treatments through your practise then please get in touch on . We love a jargon free chat. You will also get a FREE Website Analysis. Are your competition ranking higher in Google then you? Spent many hours and money on your practice website and it is still not toping the results page?

Why Dental SEO

An SEO service that actually works

Our marketing strategy is not only tailor made with the knowledge and understanding from a leading, practising cosmetic dentist. It has been documented and tested on his own practice website. The very same service you could buy today increased revenue by over 35k in three months. Watch video

Tailored for you.

The very same service, it is tailor made for your dental practice, your city and your potential patients.

What We Do.

To ensure we provide the very best service possible for our clients, we are only open to one selected dental practice per town. We will then strive to maximise your revenue by getting your website ranked highly in the search engine results. Our focus will be completely on you and your website – making YOU our top priority.

The Dental Marketing Expert Book

Learn more about SEO in this mini expert guide

Need to know more about online marketing for the dental nichè? No problem we development a little guide book which describes some best practices and defines the pandas from the penguins. Download it for FREE.

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Get No1 Results for your Cosmetic Dental Practice

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PPC & Social Media Marketing

Exposure your dental practice using all the channels

Looking for a fully managed wide spread PPC campaign across Google,Bing and FaceBook ads with the support of social media audience engagement?

PPC & Social Marketing.

Dental Website Design

Websites designed for patient conversion

Dental SEO know a website is not just, well a website. It is the gateway to your practice and treatment offerings. We understand how important it is to guide and educate the user on their journey through your website with the relevant call to actions to turn website visitors into consultations.

Dental Web Design
dental practice convertion marketing

Practice Conversion Marketing

Convert your current patient book in to high value treatments

Dental SEO’s Practice Conversion Marketing ensures everyone who enters your building feels they know you and the team that little bit more. They leave the practice understanding exactly what cosmetic treatments are used to treat what ailments. Forget online, forget Google and Bing. etc.

Practice Conversion

Email Marketing

Engage and recruit through steady communication.

A successful email campaign is not about bombarding and spamming the inbox of your patients. It should be focused more on gentle consistent contacts building up rapport.

Email Marketing
dental email marketing

Dental App Development

Lead the way for others

The majority of people connected to the web have some kind of mobile device with access to the internet. Such devices run either an Apple or Android software operating system. Having an app downloadable via the associated app stores places you in a leading position.

Dental APP Development
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